Mission and Vision

IBAS was born in 2019, brought to life by a passionate group of visionaries determined to revolutionize the financial landscape, worldwide, startingfrom Kosovo. With unwavering ambition and dedication, we obtained a license from the Central Bank, establishing ourselves as a premier electronic money issuer and credit provider for payments. Later on we expanded our license with Investment Adviser for buying oe selling shares, bonds and convertible bonds.

From the very beginning, IBAS has been a pioneer in cutting-edge technology, trailblazing disruptive innovations that redefine payment transfers, money transfers, and credit services. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence culminated in a resounding victory at the esteemed ICT Awards in 2021 for innovation, where we proudly claimed the top prize.

At IBAS, we firmly believe in shaping a brighter future for finance, where accessibility, convenience, and efficiency know no bounds.


Our mission is to provide simplified services while expanding the benefits.


We strive to be the leading provider of innovative financial instruments for payments, money transfers, and credit services.

Some of the core values

Integrity, sincerity, accountability, passion, modesty, diversity, quality, simplicity, and social responsibility.

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