Price list

Unveiling Our Transparent Pricing

At IBAS, we stand firmly for honestly and transparency. Our commitment is to provide you with a crystal-clear view of our pricing structure, empowering your financial decisions. This dedicated section offers an in-depth glance into our pricing model.

Whether it's account fees, transaction costs, or any other financial service, we believe in presenting these details in a straightforward manner. We understand that financial clarity gives you the power to manage your money with certainty.

Below, explore our transparent pricing breakdown and set out on a banking journey based on trust, integrity, and your financial well-being.

Account Opening0.00 €
Account Maintenance0.00 €
PLOT account2.99 €/month
INTEGRA account4.99 €/month
PREMIUM account9.99 €/month
SMS Notifications0.00 €
Transfers within IBAS0.00 €
Receipt of Payments in IBAS1.5% - 3.5%
Payments for Businesses in IBAS0.00 €
Payments for Individuals in IBAS0.00 €
National Payments (outside IBAS)0.75 €
Payments for Prishtina Water Supply0.00 €
Payments with Payable Provision0.30 - 1.00 €
Funds Withdrawal1%, min. 1€ and max. 5 €
Issuance of E-money from Cash0.5%, min. 0.50 € and max. 2.5€
Funds Holding and Safeguarding0.00 €
PIN Reset0.00 €
Vehicle Registration0.83 €
Waste Tax (Prishtina Municipality)1.00 €
Electricity0.30 €
Taxes and Contributions0.50 €
Reminder0.00 €
Public Housing Enterprise0.00 €
Insurance Companies1.00 €
Eco Hygiene0.00 €
Traffic Fines1.00 €
Hydrodrini0.00 €
Hidromorava0.00 €
Municipalities1.00 €
KRM Cleaning0.50 €
KRU Mitrovica SH.A0.00 €
Waste Tax (Prizren Municipality)1.00 €
Administrative Fee1.00 €
University of Prishtina1% of the transaction amount.
Loan with NEI33%
Loan Processing2%
OVD with NEI27%
OVD Processing1%

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