Our products

At IBAS, we're not just committed, but passionately dedicated to crafting top-tier products, designed to significantly enrich your everyday life and add tangible value to your personal and professional endeavors.

IBAS is the cutting-edge solution provider for all your financial needs. With our innovative eWallet, pass-through eWallet, ePOS, eTransactions, eCommerce, and eLoans services, we offer you a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your finances.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions

Our array of offerings includes digital payments and ePOS, international money transfers, purposeful loans, personalized investment advisory services, and a range of innovative financial products like Buy Now Pay Later, payday loans, and cash-back opportunities, among others.

Digital Payments

Our dynamic range of products:
  • British IBAN equipped with SEPA (Single European Payment Area) access
  • ePOS and QR code payment solutions
  • Debit cards and secure payment gateway
  • Utility Bills payment services
  • Hassle-free payments for public institutions

International Money Transfers

Our global services include:
  • Seamless transfers to and from more than 5,000 European Economic Area banks
  • Effortless withdrawals from PayPal, Wise, and similar e-wallets
  • Convenient payments for outsourcing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, PeopleperHour, TopTal etc.

Loans for payments

Our loans cater to a variety of needs:
  • Loans for payments up to €100,000
  • Overdraft facilities up to €100,000
  • Buy Now Pay Later scheme offering three months interest-free

Investment Advisory Services

Our specialized services cover:
  • Expert advice and investment plans for purchasing financial instruments like shares, bonds, commercial receipts, and
  • Strategic guidance and investment plans for selling financial instruments such as shares, bonds, commercial receipts.

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