People and Culture

At IBAS, we firmly believe that our accomplishments are the product of two essential components: our exceptional individuals and our unique culture. We are steadfast in our conviction that outstanding talents, flourishing within an environment of inspiration, are poised to generate the most extraordinary outcomes.
If you envision yourself as someone who can contribute valuable insights to our organization, we welcome you to take the next step. Feel free to send us your CV and a motivational letter to [email protected]. Your aspirations aligning with our vision could be the catalyst for an incredible journey together.


Board member

Management Team

Gazmend Selmani

Founder and Architect of the solution

Verona Selmani

Chairperson of the Board

Rizvan Rexhaj

Board Member and Chair of the Risk and Audit Committee

Muhamet Hajdari

Chief Executive Officer

Ylli Qarkaxhiu

Chief Technology Officer

Përparim Zejnullahu

Team Leader

Vigan Sadiku

Chief Financial Officer

Albana Meqa

Deputy Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Sherife Kçiku–Vishaj

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Ilir Demolli

Sales Director

Ilir Berisha

Director of the Legal Department

Myrvete Haxholli

Sales and Development Specialist

Arbri Gashi

Sales Specialist

Fëllënza Smakolli

NVM Sales Representative

Dren Gjakova

Sales Representative for the Dukagjini region

Riad Rexhepaj

Sales Representative for the city of Gjilan

Alma Selmani

Risk Officer

Safet Deliu

Data Protection Officer

Aurora Selimi

Customer Service

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