IBAS closes the round of selling shares – 11,540 shares are bought

In less than two months since IBAS, for the first time in Kosovo, opened the public call for the purchase of shares, it managed to sell 11,540 preference shares out of 8,000 issued or 144.25% of the target. Translated into financial values, it captures the amount of 577,000 euros. The high demand for the purchase of shares in IBAS proved once again that the IBAS era has already arrived.

Today, IBAS closes the round of fundraising through the sale of preferred shares, thus closing another success, one of many to come.

The personnel of IBAS thanks all the shareholders and assures them that this investment will accelerate the implementation of the vision and the increase of competitiveness in the market. He also thanks those who expressed interest, but who failed to buy the shares because they could not provide the documentation required by the regulator (Central Bank of Kosovo) within a reasonable period of time.

Seeing the great interest of the citizens, IBAS assures the general public that there will be other opportunities in the near future to join the IBAS era and the next innovations that are coming.

We recall that the international experts of “Merge & Acquisitions” based in Brussels have assessed the financial institution IBAS with 25.6 million euros. Find out more about IBAS at

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