In order that the delinquency be remitted immediately, pay Traffic Fines on IBAS

All citizens who have ever been fined in traffic, know how many procedures must be performed to pay and repay the fine by the Kosovo Police system. In addition, all working citizens know that in order to pay a traffic fine, they had to miss almost one working day with bureaucratic procedures.

These harassments have come to an end since IBAS was licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo as a financial institution. Traffic fines paid through IBAS, are erased immediately by the Kosovo Police system. Moreover, citizens who open accounts in IBAS , earn 5 euros which deducts the amount of bills they pay.

With IBAS – the delinquency costs less.

IBAS has brought innovation to the payment market with the fact that at IBAS you can pay whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, IBAS uses the latest security technologies, including data encryption and the European PSD2 Directive, which guarantee optimal security.

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