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In the past, in order to pay a bill for the Prishtina Water Supply, citizens who are employed had to use the lunch break and hope to make the payment quickly, in order to use the rest of the time for lunch. , or at the end of business hours, hurry up to get a toll booth open, which usually closes at 5pm. And the rest of the citizens, who do not work, had to go to a point of payment to repay the financial obligation to the Prishtina Water Supply. Extremely tedious and laborious process, this one. But, with the licensing of IBAS this fatigue and hardship has come to an end. Through IBAS you make the payment of Prishtina Water Supply from your phone, in less than 10 seconds and whenever you are free. Through IBAS you can pay the bills 24 hours and 7 days a week. And not only that, because, the moment citizens open an account at IBAS, they receive 5 euros, which is deducted from the amount of bills they pay.

With IBAS – Invoice costs less.

In addition, IBAS uses the latest security technologies, including data encryption and the European PSD2 Directive, which guarantee optimal security.

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