IBAS offers two investment types, each with its own associated risks. Choose wisely.

Risk Disclosure Statement: Investing in Financial Instruments

Welcome to the realm of financial instruments, where the dance of opportunities intertwines with the cadence of uncertainties. As you embark on this journey, it's paramount to fathom the intricate tapestry of associated risks, each thread contributing to the vibrant mosaic of the financial instruments, like shares, bonds and commercial receipts.

Market Risk: The heartbeat of investments synchronizes with the rhythm of market volatility. Market undulations, akin to capricious tides, are catalyzed by economic convulsions, geopolitical tremors, and fluctuations in supply and demand. The crescendo of gains is met with the sotto voce of potential losses.

Interest Rate Risk: Bonds, those symphonies of fixed income, sway in the breeze of interest rate fluctuations. A symphony's rise or fall hinges on these rates – ascending rates causing the notes of bond prices to descend, while descending rates orchestrate crescendos in bond valuations. An ensemble to be heeded by those anchored in fixed-income sanctuaries.

Credit Risk: The narrative of bonds is tinged with the drama of credit risk. This saga unfolds when issuers falter, casting shadows over interest payments and the redemption of principal. Delve into the annals of issuer creditworthiness, for a vigilantly composed chapter fortifies defenses against potential defaults.

Liquidity Risk: Some investments languish in the shadows of illiquidity, where swift exits are bought at the price of markdowns. In these dim corridors, access to funds morphs into a labyrinthine endeavor, a riddle exacerbated amidst the fog of market uncertainty.

Inflation Risk: Inflation, that insidious erosive force, wages a perpetual battle against the purchasing power of currency. Investments, as valiant warriors, must outpace this nemesis, lest the erosion of their worth perpetuates the silent toll of wealth depletion.

Currency Risk: Foreign shores beckon, yet the tide of currency exchange rates governs this voyage. Currencies, chameleons in perpetual transformation, wield dominion over returns when repatriated into the familiar embrace of your local currency.

Volatility Risk: The overture of investments is punctuated by dramatic price oscillations, presenting both the crescendo of potential profits and the discordant notes of potential losses. Amidst this operatic tempest, strategic decisions unfurl the tapestry of risk management.

Diversification Risk: The wisdom of diversification echoes – an ode to balance amidst the symphony of risks. The virtuosity of spreading investments across sectors and asset classes is the tune that harmonizes potential losses when a solitary refrain falters.

Default Risk: Bonds unveil a delicate waltz with the specter of default risk, where issuers falter in their choreography of payment obligations. The missteps translate to missed interest payments and potential diminution of the principal investment.

Systemic Risk: A symphony, grand and interconnected, faces the cadence of systemic risk. A single crescendo triggers a harmonious cascade, resonating through various investments. Diversification, the conductor's baton, orchestrates defense against this all-encompassing melody.
As you embrace these risks, poised on the precipice of potential, remember that these are not dirges of despair but the prelude to opportunity. Let meticulous research and unclouded risk evaluation be your compass, guided by the counsel of seasoned navigators. In this realm, where gains and losses dance in tandem, seize the chance to compose your own investment sonata.

Please be advised that investments in financial instruments carry a spectrum of risks that extend beyond the confines of this disclosure. Prior to embarking on any investment journey, it is imperative to undertake thorough analysis, guided by a discerning eye. Furthermore, exercise caution to refrain from allocating funds that could potentially cast a shadow over your quality of life. Remember, informed decisions are the bedrock of prudent investing.

IBAS offers two investment options:

Invest in other financial instruments

IBAS is licensed by Central Bank of Kosovo as Investment adviser for buying or selling shares, government bonds, bonds issued by companies. If you want to invest, please fill the application below and our experts will treat it further.

    Invest in IBAS

    The minimum amount you can invest in IBAS is 5,000 euros, and the maximum is 50,000 euros. Shareholders of IBAS offer privileged shares to parties who meet the following criteria:

    a) Agree or accept the valuation of IBAS. IBAS has been valued at 25.6 million euros using the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) methodology. Your percentage of shares will be determined by your investment amount divided by the valued amount of 25.6 million euros. However, to ensure your investment's safety regarding the real value, IBAS shareholders have decided that if the company obtains a higher valuation in the case of an exit, your investment value will be adjusted accordingly. This guarantee model applies only if the value is below 25.6 million euros. If the value of IBAS exceeds 25.6 million euros, the percentage of shares you have invested will remain unchanged.

    Here is a written example that will be part of the contract, in case you invest: Suppose you invest 50,000 euros. Then, your ownership percentage of IBAS shares would be calculated as follows:

    50,000 / 25,600,000 euros = 0.1953% of IBAS shares. You will participate in dividends or overall expenses based on this percentage, and it will remain the same even if the value of IBAS increases. However, if the value is lower, a different scenario will apply: 50,000 / 10,000,000 euros (assuming the exit value) = 0.5% of IBAS shares will belong to you.

    b) Provide proof of the legal source of funds you wish to invest.

    If you wish to proceed with the investment in IBAS, please click "Yes, I want to invest" and then fill out the form.

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