Apply online for a loan at IBAS, get a subsidy from the Government

The Government of Kosovo has decided that all those people who receive consumer loans up to the amount of 10,000 euros, will benefit from the loan subsidy. The subsidy amount for each applicant who qualifies is 10% of the total loan amount, up to 300 euros.

“Those interested in benefiting from this measure must first get the loan at any of the licensed financial institutions in Kosovo, and then fill out the application form. After confirming the accuracy of the application, the subsidy is paid to the borrower’s bank account,” the Government announcement states.

Since IBAS is licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo, loans issued by this institution can be subsidized by the Government. Therefore, you can apply for a loan at IBAS and then apply for a loan subsidy. You can find the application form on the eKosova platform, under the “services” section.

If you need help during the application, contact us at 038600300 or on our social networks!

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