With this method of payment, residents of the Mitrovica region have a free water bill

Thanks to the agreement reached between the IBAS institution and the Regional Water Company “Mitrovica”, residents of this region can pay their water bills without additional fees. This is not the only benefit, because through IBAS they can pay from wherever they are and whenever they want.

The representative of IBAS, Safet Deliu, after signing the agreement, said that IBAS has offered the possibility of making the payment remotely and without any additional expenses.

“Through this agreement, we have enabled the residents of this region to make payments 24/7 and even without any additional provision”, he said.

Meanwhile, the chief executive officer of KURM, Bashkim Kurti, said that this agreement was made in order to facilitate the way of paying the water company.

“This contract is about the relief for the water supply customers who from now on will be able to make their payments for the water supply service bills online without any additional expenses or fees”, he said.

Payments through IBAS are made online through its application, which can be downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store. Opening, maintaining and verifying an IBAS account is free of charge.

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