Loans with a record review and approval period

If you need to buy something, but you don’t have enough funds and you want to get a loan through an easy and fast procedure, then the only institution to do this is IBAS.

The financial institution IBAS has launched its newest product, that of loans for payments. The application procedure is done online through the application, which can be downloaded from the App Store and the Play Store. Fast is not only the way of application, so is the review of the loan request, this procedure is carried out within 5 minutes, after the completion of the documentation.

This product, like all IBAS products, is designed to meet the needs and demands of citizens.

After opening the account and verifying it, you can apply for any of the types of loans offered by IBAS:

  • Instant loan, up to 200 Euro;
  • Loan for vehicle registration, up to 700 euros;
  • Loan for computer, up to 1,000 Euro;
  • Vacation loan, up to 5,000 Euro;
  • Vehicle loan up to 7,000 Euros;
  • Loan for payment up to 10,000 Euro.

IBAS is a financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of Kosovo for the issuance of electronic money, payment service, money transfer and payment loans. The first and only one of its kind in Kosovo.

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