IBAS wins the main award “Innovation of the year” from “ICT Awards”, as a pan-Albanian organization

In the 9th edition of the largest Albanian competition in the field of Information and Communication Technology “ICT Awards”, IBAS won the main prize of “Innovation of the year”.

On behalf of all those who worked for the transformation of IBAS from an idea to a platform, Yll Qarkaxhiu thanked the jury for the evaluation. “With IBAS, we have tried to create something that has been realized in the most developed countries in the world, so that the Albanian lands can also have such a platform”, he said.

The founder of this financial institution and the architect of the IBAS solution, Gazmend Selmani, emphasized that this IBAS is the result of many years of work by all the staff of IBAS and PBC. “This award is a reconfirmation of the IBAS revolution, which has already started for the European market. Where we, too, will decently display the true Albanian values”, said Selmani.

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