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Business Concept – RENER – Versatile and Strategic Tech Visionary  RENER stands as a dynamic force in the tech industry, pioneering with a dual-focused strategy that caters to diverse market needs. At our core, we specialize in developing innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms for the global market. Our portfolio, featuring standout products like […]

Commercial receipts, their types, advantages and disadvantages

What are commercial receipts?A commercial paper is a short-term, unsecured debt instrument issued by businesses. It is usually used to finance short-term obligations such as wages, accounts payable, and inventory or goods for sale (Baklanova, et al., 2020). The commercial receipt specifies an amount of money that must be returned by a certain date (maturity). […]

Securities and their financial importance

Securities are exchangeable and tradable financial instruments used to raise capital in public and private markets. Commercial companies or companies as they are known in the jargon use financial instruments for raising capital for investment purposes. According to Kosovo legislation, there are three types of securities: shares, which provide the holders with ownership rights in […]

IBAS closes the round of selling shares – 11,540 shares are bought

In less than two months since IBAS, for the first time in Kosovo, opened the public call for the purchase of shares, it managed to sell 11,540 preference shares out of 8,000 issued or 144.25% of the target. Translated into financial values, it captures the amount of 577,000 euros. The high demand for the purchase […]

Why is investing in IBAS the right thing to do?

IBAS (Innovative Banking and Attractive Solutions) as a financial institution has already proven its success. For less than 2 years of operation, IBAS alone has digitized about 1,800 payment points, in addition to less than 7,000 in all of Kosovo, digitized by the entire banking sector, together. This process will continue until the full digitization […]

3 couples will receive a free Valentine’s dinner from IBAS and its partners

In the beautiful and warm environment of the “Brasserie Proka” restaurant, two couples will have the opportunity to enjoy a FREE dinner worth up to 50 EUR. Meanwhile, in the “pizza house”, the other couple will fall in love once again, but this time with Pizza Crust food at the FREE dinner, worth up to […]

IBAS gives a 10 euro bonus to new customers for the end of the year

For the end-of-year holidays, IBAS has decided to reward all its customers until December 31, 2021, by giving a 10 euro bonus to each customer who activates an IBAS account. This bonus is used when making payments, deducting 1% from the total amount. How to activate the account in IBAS? After opening the account in […]

International experts: The value of IBAS is 25.6 million euros

Not yet completed 2 years of operation in the market, the international experts of “Merge & Acquisitions” based in Brussels, after an intensive 3 months of work, have evaluated the financial institution IBAS with 25.6 million euros. This assessment was carried out through the “Cash flow” methodology. References:WACC = 18.52%, PGR = 15%. Discount factor […]

With this method of payment, residents of the Mitrovica region have a free water bill

Thanks to the agreement reached between the IBAS institution and the Regional Water Company “Mitrovica”, residents of this region can pay their water bills without additional fees. This is not the only benefit, because through IBAS they can pay from wherever they are and whenever they want. The representative of IBAS, Safet Deliu, after signing […]

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